Coir discs 32mm 50 pack


The environmentally sustainable and biodegradable potting mix as 32mm discs

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Product Details

  • 32mm coir discs are 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable
  • Protects essential elements of the soil
  • Does not affect the natural environmental cycle
  • Retains water and facilitates air porosity
  • Can be used in any pot in gardens, nurseries, horticultural farms and greenhouses

How to use?

  • Add water and let the coco peat mix expand
  • Add seeds/plants

Following sizes are available

  1. 25mm coir discs
  2. 32mm coir discs
  3. 38mm coir discs
  4. 42mm coir discs
  5. 50mm coir discs
  6. 100mm coir discs
Coir disc

With bag, Without bag


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