Coir geotextiles 700gsm 2mx50m


100% biodegradable coir geotextiles used to prevent soil erosion and help accelerate growth of vegetation.
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Products details of coir geotextiles 700gsm

  • 100% biodegradable made out of coconut fibre
  • Coir geotextiles (coir rolls) are naturally resistant to rot, mould and moisture
  • Used in the form of a vegetated cover to prevent soil erosion, and can help accelerate the growth of vegetation on banks and slopes

How to use

  • Place coir geotextiles on the eroding area
  • Fix it tight to the ground using pegs (based on average usage 2.5 pins/m²)

Following sizes are available 

  1. Coir geotextiles 700gsm 1mx5m
  2. Coir geotextiles 700gsm 1mx10m
  3. Coir geotextiles 700gsm 1mx20m
  4. Coir geotextiles 700gsm 2mx50m


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