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4 Pack of 100cm x 15cm x 12cm growbags

40% off 

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Goodies in the pack:

  • 100cm x 15cm x 12cm growbags (X4)

Product Details

  • 100cm x 15cm x 12cm growbags are 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable
  • Stable pH levels
  • Fast and robust root development
  • High air holding capacity and good drainage
  • Perfect multipurpose growing medium for hydroponic growing, nurseries, gardens, greenhouses, driveways, lawns and patios

How to use?

  • Pierce the top of the growbag for planting (3 – 4 holes)
  • Add water and allow for expansion to take place
  • Scoop out the mix from each square
  • Plant in each hole and refill around it with the mix

Following sizes are available

  1. 50 X 15 X 12 cm growbags
  2. 100 X 15 X 12 cm growbags


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