Buffer Coco Peat

Coconut Coir Products (www.coirproducts.co.uk) buffer coco peat is 100% biodegradable and have an ideal pH level. The anti-fungicidal properties of CoirProducts.co.uk buffer coco peat help plants get rid of soil-borne diseases. The buffer coco peat holds 22% of air even when fully saturated. The environmentally sustainable CoirProducts.co.uk buffer coco peat has easy hydration and excellent drainage properties. Buffering of coco peat removes elements that are naturally bonded to the cation exchange complex (CEC) of coconut coir peat.

Buffer coco peat

Loading Details

The following loading details are for bulk orders. Smaller quantities can be purchased from our eSTORE or contact us on sales@coirproducts.co.uk
ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (40ft)
650g Buffer coco peat blocksBricks 44000

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