Coco/chip mix discs

Coir Products ( coco/chip mix discs are 100% biodegradable and are a perfect method for growing gerberas and orchids. coco/chip mix discs are also an excellent growing medium for a variety of potted plants in nurseries, gardens, floriculture farms, greenhouses, lawns and patios. They are environmentally sustainable and are ideal for sowing seeds. Coir products coco/chip mix discs are made from high quality compressed coco chips that have a neutral pH level. They prevent stress after re-potting and resist fungal growth. Coir products coco/chip mix discs contain excellent drainage as well as high cation exchange capacity.

Coco/chip mix discs

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Product Measurement/unitLoading (20ft)Loading (40ft)
90 per box coco/chip mix discsDiscs2250045000

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