Coco chips

Coconut Coir Products ( coconut husk chips are made by the regular slicing of the coconut husk so that they are cut into uniform sizes. Husk chips or coco chips are one of the best soil conditioning supplements found in the natural world. These are commonly used in the farming industry and other agricultural practices. Coco chips help fertiliser to give its full potential in any type or quality of soil under any weather condition. Coco chips are free of weeds, repel insects and harmful fungi from growing, and are frequently used in the commercial farming of tomatoes, aubergine, cucumber, gerbera, orchids and anthurium.

coco chip

Loading Details

The following loading details are for bulk orders. Smaller quantities can be purchased from our eSTORE or contact us on
ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (40ft)
500 grams coco peat blocks Bricks 42000
4.5kg coco peat blocks Metric tons 22
25kg coco peat blocks Metric tons 11

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