Coir discs

Coconut Coir Products ( compressed coir discs are made of coir packed together tightly into pellets. They are 100% biodegradable and are ideal for sowing seeds or as a rooting medium for cuttings. Once water has been added to the discs, they swell up rapidly in the span of about 60 minutes to provide greater area as a growing medium. The bags used to keep the coir peat together are biodegradable as well. Coconut Coir Products ( coir discs are ideal to be used in farms, greenhouses, and gardens.


Loading Details

The following loading details are for bulk orders. Smaller quantities can be purchased from our eSTORE or contact us on
ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (20ft)
25mm coir disc in coverDisc2160000
32mm coir disc in coverDisc1350000
38mm coir disc in coverDisc810000
42mm coir disc in coverDisc540000

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