Coir sheets

Coconut Coir Products ( coir sheets consist of layers of coir fibre with a natural rubber latex layer on it to hold the fibre together.

Coconut Coir Products ( coir sheets are available with a thickness of 5mm or 10mm with a width of 1meter by 10meter rolls. The thickness of the sheet can be accommodated according to your requirements.

Coconut Coir Products ( coir sheets are used as plant liners, weed control in vineyards, and for the prevention of soil erosion on small backyard slopes/gardening applications.

coir sheets

Loading Details

The following loading details are for bulk orders. Smaller quantities can be purchased from our eSTORE or contact us on
ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (40ft)
1m X 10 m coir sheets (5mm thickness) – 500gsmSquare meters20000

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