Coir yarn

Coconut Coir Products ( coir yarn is made with either white or brown coconut husk fibre, and spun manually and by machine, or through semi-mechanical means. Coir yarn is then used to manufacture a variety of products, such as mats, carpets, brushes, and coir geotextiles to name a few. They have a high longevity, and are in high demand in a wide variety of industries. Coconut Coir Products ( supplies coir yarn for the hop industry and for various other sectors.


Loading Details

The following loading details are for bulk orders. Smaller quantities can be purchased from our eSTORE or contact us on
ProductMeasurement/unitLoading (40ft)
3 – 4 mm coir yarn | machine made – Grade A (~ 1,433,250 sqmtrs)Metric tons10
6 – 7mm coir yarn | machine made – Grade AMetric tons10

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