Using coir geotechnical & erosion control products

Coir products have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few decades, given their eco-friendly properties, among other advantages. Soil erosion is one of the biggest challenges that we have been battling collectively as a planet over the past few decades, and in order to combat these negative changes, products such as, coir logs, coir pallets and coir sheets have been used successfully.

Coir geotextiles have been called the best management practice by many government and environmental organisations as they significantly help to reduce soil erosion and establish new vegetation. They are also widely used in civil engineering applications and in slope stabilisation. They have the mechanical strength needed to hold the soil in place and therefore can help prevent erosion. The nettings will break up any runoff soil and will also dissipate the energy of any flowing water. In addition, coir also works to promote the establishment of new vegetation through absorbing water and preventing the drying away of the topsoil and any seeds.

Coir logs, coir pallets and coir sheets have the same benefits as mentioned above. They hold on to the top layer of the soil, which is usually at risk of running off with the flow of rain water and also of getting lifted off in the wind. The strong tensile strength of the coir fibres used means that they will be very durable, and the product itself will last for a long period of time. Even when they do decompose, they will only add to the fertility of the soil and will not cause any negative impact on the environment. All of these products are great for germinating and growing vegetation on, which means that if an area of land is under threat of soil erosion, because of extensive deforestation, this is a perfect way in which you can regrow the plants in the area and prevent soil erosion at the same time.  supplies coir-based products that can help you with gardening, landscaping, erosion control, ground maintenance and geotechnical as well as greenhouse and nursery needs. All our products are biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and ethically sourced, taking in to account our corporate objectives and values. Our partners are dedicated to ensuring the production of high-quality products under that can also be customised to cater to the needs of each client.

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